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Punk Wig - A Children’s Book With a Purpose
By Terri Forehand

"Punk Wig is an example of a beautiful and entertaining book for children as it not only entertains but educates the child about the side effects of cancer. The main character describes the cancer as “alien blobs” going through his mothers insides...

"The story cleverly shows the child the time line for treatment and recovery in a gentle way. This story is a wonderful presentation to introduce the young child to the subject of cancer, treatment, and side-effects without being doom and gloom or frightening.
As a pediatric critical care nurse, I recommend this book for any child who has an adult they love facing this disease. It is also a fun read for children to be introduced to the topic of illness and treatment for children who have never had to face something this serious.
Punk Wig puts a smile on your face and warm feeling in your heart with the simple, fun, and clever words in this story. The story will touch everyone who reads it over and over again."

For more information on Punk Wig, please visit the Reading Room.

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"As a huge literacy advocate, Ries said she is excited at the chance to introduce children to the world of reading and is hopeful that her books can help instill the love of words that she herself feels."

-By Elena Boryczka The Times
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