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Junior Library Guild Selection 2010
Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Book/ CCBC Choices 2011
Cybil Award Finalist /Bank Street Best Books of the year 2010 /Maryland Library Association Blue Crab Young Readers Award
New From Boyds Mills Press! Oregon Book Award Finalist/ Bank Street College Best Books of the Year 2009
Horn Book Fanfare List: Best books of 2006/2007 Oregon Book Award Finalist Nick Jr. Family Magazine's Best Children's Books of 2006/ The Bank Street College Best Books of the Year 2006/
Parenting Magazine Best Books November 2006 Parenting Picks
Bank Street College of Education's Best Books of the Year/ The Friends Medallion 2007 Special Award
Children's Choices 2005


"Arf! Ruff-ruff!" Aggie and the gang say come again!

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I've just published a new book and am so proud to share it with you! It's available to preview and buy from the link below. I would love for you to take a look and to share it with your circles to help me spread the word. http://www.blurb.com/ebooks/689444-let-s-all-go-to-the-park-playground Hope you like it, Gregory L. Porter

Hi, Lori,
I loved reading to my kids when they were little. Since they are now bigger than me, I have no one to read your stories to at the moment, so I am looking forward to grandchildren! So far, I have Aggie and Ben in both English and Spanish, but I definitely want the full collection of your work. Since my daughter's fiance is South American, I will get to read your stories to them in two languages. Thank you for sharing your gifts to bless the lives of others.

Hi Lori. I am writing as a fan of your book, "Punk Wig." When my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma cancer we immediately hit the internet to research children's books for our daughter's, ages 3 and 5. There aren't a whole lot and what few there are were a little disheartening. So to the library we went and a librarian pointed us to Punk Wig. My girls love the story and it matches our lighthearted attitude towards the scary world of cancer they've been thrown into. Thank you for such a great story that fits the bill!

will you write another new book of Aggie and Ben series?

A great site with some good issues from us all at http://www.tomthumb.info/tt/ Thank you.

Hi, Alyssa, yes, I still have the bracelet you made me! I remember how you told me you worked all night on it. :) That was so sweet of you! I hope you're having a great summer. I sure enjoyed visiting your school Alyssa, and I enjoyed meeting you! Maybe I'll get the chance to return one day. :)
~Lori Ries

Hey!! It's Alyssa from (text removed by LR for student privacy). Do you still have the bracelet I gave you? I have something else for you, too!

Hi Lori - Yours is the first book my daughter with dyslexia ever asked to read. She was required to read Chapter 1 of Aggie and Ben - and then she just kept going. After many years of struggle, you do not know how exciting that was! Thank you for fun, satisfying stories with a straight-forward vocabulary. I recommend your books highly. Lynn K in Seattle

Hi Lori!
I was checking out the Highlights Founders Workshops for this Spring and Summer and saw you're again teaching Writing from the Heart. It was a great experience for me! I still include Mrs. Fickle's Pickles as one of my favorite Picture Books!
Shelly Cook

Hi Lori! I remember the night you got the inspiration for "Super Sam" and sat up all night writing it at Chautauqua! Your career has certainly flourished and been blessed in those 8 years. I'm so happy for you and inspired as well. I'm headed back to Chautauqua this summer. From your 2002 Chautauqua roomie Dana

What a useful website! I love all of the "goodies" on here for fans and teachers. This is the kind of site a writer's publisher loves to see! I'm going to spend lots of time here.
Kim Griswell

Hi Lori! Your website is fab and so are you! Your inspiration is carrying me through these days away from Boyds Mills...Hope you're having happy writing days,
Sally Flannery

Hi Lori, Just had to pop in and check it out. Like I told ya on the phone your a very talented and gifted person and i love you so much. Keep it up and keep touching the lives through those books. I'm so proud of you!! Love your brother Robbie.

Late Sunday, our beloved PBS materializes. Mystifying... this woman on TV looks uncannily familiar. Can't be! So, I watch to make sure. By the end, I'm mind blown when I realized on the same street lived such a talented woman. What an interesting journey! After listening to you, I have a huge appreciation. Bonus to boot - your altruism to inspire and help others understand writing to young and old. May your career flourish and life keep stimulating you endlessly. :) J&P (House on the far end with no kids, whom now knows, what books I can choose for friend's with kids. :) )

Hi Lori, I am a pediatric critical care nurse and freelance writer who loves Punk Wig. I posted a book review on my blog for parents of kids going through a health crisis at http://heartfeltwords4kids.blogspot.com I aspire to accomplish what you have done by writing meaningful books for kids. Thanks Warmly, Terri Forehand Rn http://heartfeltwords4kids.blogspot.com http://freewebs.com/heartfeltwords4kids/

Love the updated site! Looks great. Keep your chin up you busy lady. You are wonderful!

We will be friends for a lifetime . . . it started back in Hawai'i and you didn't even know it. It is great to catch up; but, to me it feels like we have never lost touch with one another . . . just time and distance. Alohanani

I love your website! You inspire me. I love to wright stories with you!

HI MOM!! it's your second daughter kynlee. :) hahaha i have to give a speech on my job shadow for senior seminar and you are my job shadow soim giving a speech on YOU. haha so i figured while im on your web page i'd leave a comment. your such a wounderful person. and i love your books even if i am too old for them, haha love ya ~kyn

Hello from Highlights! Just found your wonderful Web site! I'm always excited to see your successes, Lori. You inspire me, and I get this warm fuzzy feeling thinking about how far you've come from that first Chautauqua. I love your books! Kim T. Griswell, Coordinating Editor, Highlights

Made it to your website. What a treat. You look energized and full of fun. Mom and I are so proud of you and what you are contributing to kids everywhere. You have no idea of the impact you are having on so many young lives. Keep it going! Dad Ries

Hi Lori, What a great website. I loved exploring it. My grandkids, ages 2 and 4 love your Sam and your Aggie books. Those books are in their must-read-every-night-at-bedtime stack. I've recently ordered Mrs. Fickle's Pickles and I can be sure they will add that to their stack of favorites as well. Love ya, Betty Erickson

My First grader just finished reading Aggie and Ben. We both absolutly fell in love with the characters and would love to see more about them. I was hoping that there was a series about them already and was a bit disappointed that wasn't the case. We will definately check out your other books, though, and will no doubt enjoy those just as much. -- A new fan

Lori, this is awesome. Your family stories are really on target. I was in the car with your mom and remember your grandfather finding the little raccoon. all you say about the farm brings back so many memories. I know the children are appreciating you as are their parents. You are very loved...Aunt Barb (your mothers sister)

Lori, I am so proud of what you are doing and continue with all you great inspiration for children and letting the adults also go back to their childhood thru your books. I love you! Aunt Rosenia.

Lori Ries is a Rock Star! JD Kimbrough

Wow! What a terrific website! I love the photos. And your bio. Lovely to note your dream becoming reality. So well-deserved. xo Eileen

It's a super website, Lori. Congrats! I didn't know Super sam had won awards. You are truly truly gifted.God bless you in all your endeavours. lots of love, Jey

Hey Cousin, Its Mark. Your an Author? How Awesome is that!! I too wanted to write something but never have the time or the ambition like i should. But instead i am a painter and glass artist. LOL. One day i will write a book, I hope. Great job Lori, congratulations.

Very nice website. Congratulations on your success!

What a beautiful website! I love the pictures! I even preordered 2 of your new books. I will have to repurchase Super Sam since I gave it to my nephew for his birthday last year. Who knows maybe oneday we can get you to come and do an author day at my school.
Hugs, Steph

Hi Lori, I checked out your website and it looks beautiful. Great job, girl! See you soon, Judi