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Punk Wig



Reviewed By Tiffany Ferrell for Readers' Favorite

In Punk Wig by Lori Ries, we are introduced to a little girl whose mother has cancer and who is going through treatment. She finds the hospital strange, with her mom hooked up to a lot of machines. Her mother tells her that the medicine they are giving her for cancer will make her lose her hair. When her mom is finally released, she noticed that her mom was very weak and tired a lot of the time. Finally, one day the mother felt well enough and decided that this was going to be the day she bought a wig. At the wig shop they come across many different kinds, but what both decide on was a crazy orange punk rock wig. Her mother wore it everywhere and wherever they went they got strange looks, but the two didn't mind. That crazy orange wig helped them get through a hard time in both of their lives. 


Punk Wig is such an insightful children's book. Cancer affects so many people; it doesn't discriminate and it changes lives forever. The book brings to the fore this oftentimes touchy subject in a way that a young child could comprehend. They can relate to the little girl and since the main character is a child, it's easier for a young reader to see events through her eyes. Along with a great story, the illustrations are beautifully done and fit perfectly with the storyline. I thought Lori Ries has done a wonderful job in bringing this tale to life and I can't wait to read more of her work.