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Charlie and Emmet Snowy Day


Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill for Readers' Favorite

Charlie and Emmet Snowy Day by Lori Ries is a fun and adventurous picture book for young children. Charlie wakes up with his dinosaur friend Emmet rocking his bed, yelling that everything is white outside. Charlie sees that it snowed but Emmet thinks that something bad is happening. Charlie quickly explains what snow is. Emmet becomes excited and the two of them head outside to play in it. They build snowmen and have snowball fights until they stumble across something even more exciting - a frozen lake to skate on! Charlie happily skates around the lake, but Emmet has a bit of trouble because of his size. Seeing that Emmet is so upset, Charlie tries to help him learn to skate safely. Will Emmet's wish come true? Find out in this entertaining book.

Charlie and Emmet Snowy Day will have children hooked from start to finish. The talented Lori Ries has done a great job at creating an amusing and wholesome book that children will enjoy. It's a story that you won't tire of, and the illustrations by Thomas Bender play a massive part in that. They are creative and colorful and will dazzle children from the moment they lay eyes on them. Emmet is now my new favorite dinosaur; he's so cool! I recommend this wonderful book to anyone with children who love dinosaurs and snow. For the best reading experience, I suggest reading it on a snowy day!