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Charlie and Emmet Surgery Day

Reviewed by Keith Mbuya for Readers' Favorite

Charlie's mom and dad let her dinosaur friend Emmet live in their house because Emmet was so helpful. Emmet did a lot of things for Charlie's family and they all loved him. However, Charlie's mother is sick and has to undergo surgery. Charlie's mom decides she will go to the hospital with Emmet and Charlie will go to school. Charlie can't wait to get home to see her mom. She also can't wait to talk to Emmet and discover what he saw and did at the hospital. What will Charlie find when she gets home? Will her mom be there and what does Emmet tell her about the hospital? Find out more in Charlie and Emmet Surgery Day by Lori Ries and Thomas Bender.

Charlie and Emmet Surgery Day will appeal to children who love fantasy tales. Lori Ries and Thomas Bender hatch an enthralling plot, with suspense, adventure, and humor. They enhanced the text with colorful images that triggered my imagination. Their choice of words is simple yet informative. The characters are wonderfully developed and their qualities and emotions are cleverly portrayed. Emmet is a hardworking and caring yet cheeky and playful character. Charlie, on the other hand, is an obedient, loving, and disciplined kid. This book will teach children new facts about hospitals easily and memorably. It will also encourage them to be good friends and to help their families by doing work at home.