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Reading Room

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Step Into Spanish Books

Señor Picante Is My Red Fish


When Miguel sets up a fishbowl for his new pet, Señor Picante is delighted by every surprise. One day, Señor Picante has a surprise of his own. How can a fish surprise a human friend? Friend - Amigo.

Aggie Gets Lost

One day at the park, Aggie gets lost. Ben looks and looks, but he cannot find her. It is the worst day ever. Will Ben ever find Aggie again? Find out oin three short chapters just right for beginning readers.

Tita y Ben

Aggie and Ben is now available in Spanish. This was also chosen to be a Junior Library Guild book.

Aggie the Brave

Responsible owners spay and neuter their pets. When it is time for Aggie to go to the vet, this is new to Ben. He doesn't like leaving Aggie overnight, nor does he like Aggie being a lamp head. How does he make himself and Aggie feel better? Find out in Aggie's newest adventure.

Good Dog, Aggie

In this sequel to Aggie and Ben, the best friends are back for more boy-and-his-dog fun. Young readers will laugh out loud at Aggies irrepressible antics and Bens determined attempts to train her. Three short chapters, just right for beginning readers, follow Aggie and Ben on their adventures in doggie training, obedience, and friendship. Frank Dormers spirited and expressive illustrations are as unrestrained as Aggie herself.

Punk Wig

With moments of humor, a son shares his mother's journey with cancer. This book is a wonderful tool for any family or teacher to use when speaking to children about the difficult subject of illness and cancer.

Aggie and Ben, Three Stories

Come spend a day in the life of Ben and his new dog, Aggie. These three stories are sure to delight and tickle the funny bone.

Mrs. Fickle's Pickles

Making pickles takes a lot of work. But Mrs. Fickle is more than up to the task. She can't wait to start digging in her garden. But she can't simply plant a pickle. She needs to select the right cucumber-pickle seeds. From the seeds come seedlings and eventually cucumbers. Then comes Mrs. Fickle's favorite part of the process: picking and pickling the cucumbers. This summer she might enter them in the county fair!

Fix It, Sam!

Petey wants to make something wonderful- but he can't help making a mess along the way. Build early reading skills while Petey builds his surprise in this second tale of two brothers.

Super Sam!

Big brother Sam borrows toddler Petey's blankie to become Super Sam using a super sized imagination.
Mrs. Fickle likes her pickles. I like Mrs. Fickle's dogs and hats!