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Fish, Kittens, and Lizards, Oh My!

2021 is off and running with three new books coming this summer.

My daughter, her husband, and five granddaughters just moved to Mexico. Do you know which language is spoken in Mexico? Spanish. Spanish is a lovely language, and it's fun to learn words from another language with character friends!


A fish named Señor Picante, a cat called Tater Tot, and incorrigible kittens join reader friends this summer in a new series called, Step Into Spanish. (The lizard will join them later.) These are fun picture books designed to help children learn every day Spanish words. I'm excited to share these stories with my granddaughters as they begin their journey stepping into a new country and language.


2021 is filled with exciting change. I now live in Utah, and am having fun discovering this historic state and all its treasures. Did you know Utah has three national parks? Bryce Canyon is filled with color and interesting rock formations, Zion National Park is beautiful landcapes, and Arches boasts towering rocks you can see and actually walk through. Utah is one big playground with hiking, biking, and lots and lots of snowplay. Many parasail right over my backyard. Blue, gold, crimson; bright colors of every kind fill the sky. 


I'm looking forward to a year of getting to know the surrounding area, visiting schools, and meeting new reader friends.


I just returned from Disney World, where the Winnie the Pooh line reminded me that every year is a new chapter, and every day is a new page. At the start of the line (for the fantastic trip through Pooh's adventures) is a huge book with blank pages just waiting to be written. You can fill your adventures with whatever your heart desires; make a new friend, learn a new hobby, or just discover new interesting facts and things to do in the area you live in. What are looking forward to this year? No matter what your dreams are, chase them, every one, and have fun doing it. Books also lead to great adventures no matter where you are.


Happy New Year, Reader Friends. May your adventures bring you your heart's delight. I believe in you.


Lori Ries




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Discover Your Family Stories

My husband and I just did a fun shoot with a friend at our cabin. Our Cabin was built in 1937 and it sits on the Oregon Trail. These walls are filled with generations of story. With a steamy hot cup of cocoa with snowy melting marshmallows dancing inside the rim, the wood table is my favorite place to write.

Have you ever asked your parents what the world was like when they were young? What did your grandparents do before cell phones and internet? Where did they play? Who were their friends? What was their biggest surprise as a child?

Asking relatives to share life experiences can open up all kinds of stories. A favorite family story (once told to me) happened long before I was born. My grandparents lived on a farm, and you know what else lives on farms? Garden snakes. I was told that one time my uncle put a garden snake in my grandmother's dish water. Can you imagine reaching into sudsy water for a dishcloth and pulling out a soapy snake? What would you do, if that happened to you?

Stories are what make our families' histories unique.
Have fun discovering the stories within your family. Read More 
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Finding Grit

Autumn brings bright energy with its crisp morning air. I'm excited for tasty spiced pumpkin cookies, freshly picked apples, sweet butternut squash, zesty beef stews, warm sweaters and Halloween fun. I love autumn.

I joined a new writing organization called ANWA, which stands for American Night Writers Association. Their conference in Arizona was fabulous and just what was needed to re-energize and wrap up some works in progress. I'm now on to something new and exciting. Before the sun, I'm showing up to the page at Five. This is my new goal. Since the conference, I've been on task.

Wonderful new friends joined me at the ANWA Conference. I love connecting with other writers. I attended a local SCBWI conference in May as well. School has begun and so have school visits. It's going to be a great year. A year for grit.

I'm ready for this new season of beginnings, are you?
What will you try that is new? Read More 
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Seasons Greetings, Reader Friends!

This year has been filled with travel and change.
In Alaska, we enjoyed the bears and wolves of Denali, the whales playing in Glacier Bay, zip lining through forest, and landing in a small plane on a glacier. In Israel, we experienced the great fortress of Masada and saw tiles that still line the floor of Herod's palace, we walked along the Dead Sea, and saw many Christian and Jewish Holy places. Then, in Disney World, we enjoyed the magic of Mickey himself with our entire family.

Where would you go, if you could visit any country you wanted to? Who can you imagine meeting you there? What might they show you? Real or imaginary, travel is a wonderful experience. When you read a book, or pretend to take a journey, your imagination can take you any place you wish to go.

A big change for us was moving from the mountain into a neighborhood. Now children's voices fill the air. In the summertime bike wheels whirl and skateboards twirl. Winter blankets the streets in white, and sleds zip down the hill with excited squeals.

Steamy hot chocolate laced in cool whipping cream or bouncing fluffy marshmallows, colorful thick mittens and patterned woven scarves, crunching snow under rubber boots, and slick sleds...winter is coming. What do you like to do in winter? Can you write a story about your idea of how the best snow day would be? What would be your first sentence when you wake up, and throw back the covers because the world is white outside your window? What would you want to do when Mom says, "I'm sorry, but there's no school today!" What would your snow adventure be?

With winter arrives holidays. At my house, we celebrate Christmas. I have many friends who celebrate different special holidays to them. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, enjoy the beauty of the season, the friendships that surround you, and the opportunities to do a good turn for another.

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Lori Read More 
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Time Out for Learning

Meet Molly. Molly is a German Shepherd. German Shepherds are known as "working dogs."
For those of you that keep emailing me asking about new Aggie Books, unfortunately, Charlesbridge has decided that the series is complete.

The Aggie books are still available, however, and who knows what new characters will be born as I experience something new.

I've gone back to school through a wonderful program called Pathway. Pathway is linked to Brigham Young University-Idaho campus. I began this journey fall of this year and I am preparing now to matriculate into becoming a full time BYU-I student. My goal is to continue to grow my writing,  Read More 
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To New Adventures on the Hill

It's hard to believe how quickly the year has flown. It's nearly springtime again. We welcomed a beautiful new granddaughter, so we now have  Read More 
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New Beginnings

Happy New Year, Everyone!

This last academic, 2011-2012, year many changes came. I was teaching early morning seminary to a wonderful class of high school sophomores. My days began at 4 am, and it was great to begin each morning with these happy energetic teenagers Read More 
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Onward and Upward!

Autumn is filled with color and I love driving country roads where the trees are filled with crimson, gold, and autumn hues.

So much has changed along with the scenery. This past year Read More 
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Springing Into Summer

May brought three back to back travel writing events. It was exciting,

First, I visited Chemeketa Community College of Salem. The drive was lovely, about an hour, and I got to see charming farm county and learn where St. Paul is. It was fun to arrive Read More 
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A Season of Learning

Good things are afoot for the start of 2011.

The Aggie Series is beginning to grow in visibility and it's exciting to watch. Aggie has a new book coming out this next spring, AGGIE GETS LOST. In May Read More 
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