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New Beginnings

Welcome, New Year!

Swiftly, deft, pass the days-
Where past mistakes and weak knees lie.
Old bitter thoughts, self degradation,
Have no place in this new life.
The old is gone, past, extinct
Erased by lands uncharted, unseen.
Let die the thieves of the soul
Fear, self doubt; pass and sleep.
Ring blessed bells, for new-fangled dreams
For discoveries yet to be made.
Ring for the laughter, the joy, the peace
The greatness on every man's face
Ring for the divine, the child of God-
Wherein new beginning lie.
Swiftly, deft, pass the days
Welcome, New Year, here am I.

-Lori Ries

Happy New Year, to all my friends! A new year means new beginnings. I'm busily pondering, organizing, setting goals like most people getting ready for whatever the New Year Brings.

Remember as you set goals, my writer friends, that the only way to fail...is to quit. May the New Year bring all things bright and beautiful! Read More 
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