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Fish, Kittens, and Lizards, Oh My!

2021 is off and running with three new books coming this summer.

My daughter, her husband, and five granddaughters just moved to Mexico. Do you know which language is spoken in Mexico? Spanish. Spanish is a lovely language, and it's fun to learn words from another language with character friends!


A fish named Señor Picante, a cat called Tater Tot, and incorrigible kittens join reader friends this summer in a new series called, Step Into Spanish. (The lizard will join them later.) These are fun picture books designed to help children learn every day Spanish words. I'm excited to share these stories with my granddaughters as they begin their journey stepping into a new country and language.


2021 is filled with exciting change. I now live in Utah, and am having fun discovering this historic state and all its treasures. Did you know Utah has three national parks? Bryce Canyon is filled with color and interesting rock formations, Zion National Park is beautiful landcapes, and Arches boasts towering rocks you can see and actually walk through. Utah is one big playground with hiking, biking, and lots and lots of snowplay. Many parasail right over my backyard. Blue, gold, crimson; bright colors of every kind fill the sky. 


I'm looking forward to a year of getting to know the surrounding area, visiting schools, and meeting new reader friends.


I just returned from Disney World, where the Winnie the Pooh line reminded me that every year is a new chapter, and every day is a new page. At the start of the line (for the fantastic trip through Pooh's adventures) is a huge book with blank pages just waiting to be written. You can fill your adventures with whatever your heart desires; make a new friend, learn a new hobby, or just discover new interesting facts and things to do in the area you live in. What are looking forward to this year? No matter what your dreams are, chase them, every one, and have fun doing it. Books also lead to great adventures no matter where you are.


Happy New Year, Reader Friends. May your adventures bring you your heart's delight. I believe in you.


Lori Ries




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