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Seasons Greetings, Reader Friends!

This year has been filled with travel and change.
In Alaska, we enjoyed the bears and wolves of Denali, the whales playing in Glacier Bay, zip lining through forest, and landing in a small plane on a glacier. In Israel, we experienced the great fortress of Masada and saw tiles that still line the floor of Herod's palace, we walked along the Dead Sea, and saw many Christian and Jewish Holy places. Then, in Disney World, we enjoyed the magic of Mickey himself with our entire family.

Where would you go, if you could visit any country you wanted to? Who can you imagine meeting you there? What might they show you? Real or imaginary, travel is a wonderful experience. When you read a book, or pretend to take a journey, your imagination can take you any place you wish to go.

A big change for us was moving from the mountain into a neighborhood. Now children's voices fill the air. In the summertime bike wheels whirl and skateboards twirl. Winter blankets the streets in white, and sleds zip down the hill with excited squeals.

Steamy hot chocolate laced in cool whipping cream or bouncing fluffy marshmallows, colorful thick mittens and patterned woven scarves, crunching snow under rubber boots, and slick sleds...winter is coming. What do you like to do in winter? Can you write a story about your idea of how the best snow day would be? What would be your first sentence when you wake up, and throw back the covers because the world is white outside your window? What would you want to do when Mom says, "I'm sorry, but there's no school today!" What would your snow adventure be?

With winter arrives holidays. At my house, we celebrate Christmas. I have many friends who celebrate different special holidays to them. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, enjoy the beauty of the season, the friendships that surround you, and the opportunities to do a good turn for another.

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Lori Read More 
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