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Into the Woods (again)

In town, the leaves are falling, covering the ground in a wonderful mosaic of red, yellow, brown, orange, and even blotches of green. While at our new family cabin 9,000 ft above, the white barked Aspen stands bare with splotches of white on the ground. Change is everywhere.


Two of my three married children moved their families to Utah. It's nice to be close to family again. My third married child moved with her husband to Vietnam, where she is teaching English (grammar, writing, and speech) to 8th and 9th graders. These Vietnamese students choose an English name at the start of their very young years of education, and that name follows them until they graduate. They know what the English names mean, but wish to choose names that are creative. It's interesting to me, that though we might laugh at names like Blip Blop, Soda, Milk, and Batman, that these names are so special to them. If you went to a country of your choice, what would be your chosen country to learn about, and which name would you choose for yourself? Did you know you can look up different countries given names for children and a name's meaning in the internet? It's fun to learn about different places, languages, and cultures. I have a Chinese name, given to me by a Chinese friend. It is: Róuruǎn xīn. It means Soft Heart.


Fall is such a wonderful time of year. Embrace the changes all around you, and look for opportunities to discover something new!





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