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A Season of Learning

Good things are afoot for the start of 2011.

The Aggie Series is beginning to grow in visibility and it's exciting to watch. Aggie has a new book coming out this next spring, AGGIE GETS LOST. In May I'll have the pleasure of flying to Maryland to receive the Maryland Blue Crab Young Readers Award from the Maryland Library Association for GOOD DOG AGGIE, and I'll also be honored to speak at their wonderful MLA conference.

It's fun to learn, grow, and experience life in every facet. Learning is a never ending process and growth is an unrelenting desire. As a writer, I'm always seeking for keys to stronger writing, opportunities for greater giving, and moments for personal perspective. This journey is amazing. I love how we grow and learn through each other.

Recently, I've been receiving mail asking for writer advice so I'll also share here.

This is my favorite writing truth learned through experience so far: If you want to write, write. Don't let the fear of failure stop you. Self doubt and fear can cripple any desire. Just believe in yourself and act on that desire. There is no such thing as a magic wand. The magic is within you. I've learned in this journey, that the only way to truly fail, is to quit.

There are so many wonderful opportunities to learn about and improve in your craft. Highlights Foundation's workshops, SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) conferences, there are individual state local workshops, some in residence writers run workshops from home. There's the Institute of Children's Literature, Community College opportunities the list is endless for learning opportunities.

Life sometimes happens and gets in the way of strict scheduled daily writing time. If you're realizing you're not writing every day, or have trouble getting in that zone, don't beat yourself up. Just write. If you fall off for awhile, don't should on yourself listing all you should be doing, and quit. Write.

Write through the off seasons, as you can, keeping priorities where they call at the time and keep balance strong. Write for the love of writing, for the wondrous creation of it all, and embrace the joy of craft. In time the writing and writing period will return to it's original strength. Just write through till life settles in demand and pushes writing back into place.

Worrying about publishing just stunts and takes away the energy and flow. It can discourage. It's the writing that makes a writer, not the publication. Write for the sheer love of writing, and good will come.

Write, submit, then write on...

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