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New Beginnings

Happy New Year, Everyone!

This last academic, 2011-2012, year many changes came. I was teaching early morning seminary to a wonderful class of high school sophomores. My days began at 4 am, and it was great to begin each morning with these happy energetic teenagers that I affectionately named, the Awesomites.

I also returned to school myself. My focus was on psychology, as I thought that learning how people think could help me in building stronger characters and plots. (Getting inside heads.) With long late nights and earlier than bird mornings, however... I kinda snuffed out my muse!

So now... with no school it's new beginnings! Isn't it nice that we have a repeat of new days/ slates to start from? Writer friends, learn from me. Be sure to balance and take care of you, or you won't be able to take care of your characters!

January finds me elated! I'm off to attend a conference with another group of writers that my husband actually found for me. They are called the AMERICAN NIGHT WRITERS ASSOCIATION. I completely understand why they're called night writers, as that was my log in years ago when my children were young and my writing came to life at night while the world slept. I am a mom first and foremost and that common understanding, in their name, just makes me smile. The ANWA conference is in February, so I'll be here to welcome my newest granddaughter into the world at the start of February and then be off to sunny Mesa, AZ at the month's end.

What's interesting about this group is they are all women writers of my faith. That's pretty different and will be fun to explore. Feeling better and more and more like myself, I'm ready to jump back in and start again to see just what I might do, write, give, and learn. It's nice to reenter the writing world. Watch for new events and works. They will be coming! Remember, the only way to truly fail, is to quit.

I wish my reader fans and writer friends a wondrous new year filled with fun and adventure. Life is good, and so is life in fiction. See you on the bookshelf!
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