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To New Adventures on the Hill

It's hard to believe how quickly the year has flown. It's nearly springtime again. We welcomed a beautiful new granddaughter, so we now have four granddaughters!
Up here on the hill the buds are awaking. Snow is gone, and the rains have set in.
Dear coats are beginning to lighten and Nikita is enjoying muddy paws and chasing cats again.

Readers have asked me if there will be more Aggie stories. I've asked my publisher about that. I still write them, but as to if they will be published, I can't say, but I hope so. As reader fans know, Aggie is close to my heart, but if not perhaps the new characters being born will delight our reader friends.

I'm still having fun playing in my mind's playground with character friends old and new.
May stories and readers continue to blossom and grow as spring brings us warmer days, and sunshine.

This weekend I enjoyed taking part of an author panel at the OCTE conference here in Portland. It was delightful to join Erik Kimmel and Marie Smith to speak about our work with Educators and hold a Q&A session afterward. Our audience was wonderful. I love how these teachers are passionate about books and their students' needs.

There's not much new news on this end. Things have been quiet, but in stillness inspiration comes. I look forward to more writing, more writer experiences, and more smiling readers.

Here's to whatever lies ahead for all of us this season of newness and waking spring.

Happy Adventures!
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