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Onward and Upward!

Autumn is filled with color and I love driving country roads where the trees are filled with crimson, gold, and autumn hues.

So much has changed along with the scenery. This past year Read More 
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Springing Into Summer

May brought three back to back travel writing events. It was exciting,

First, I visited Chemeketa Community College of Salem. The drive was lovely, about an hour, and I got to see charming farm county and learn where St. Paul is. It was fun to arrive Read More 
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A Season of Learning

Good things are afoot for the start of 2011.

The Aggie Series is beginning to grow in visibility and it's exciting to watch. Aggie has a new book coming out this next spring, AGGIE GETS LOST. In May Read More 
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Moving On

Summer is here and so much has happened.

Our family moved, switched houses, cities, and landscape. Now we live in the country. It's quiet, beautiful, and critter happy. The views here breathe serenity. It's inspiring, my personal writer's paradise.

Another Highlights Writing From the Heart retreat is come and gone, already I look forward to next year. I met just some terrific writers and learned one of the writers I worked with last year, the manuscript she worked on, is going to be published. That so makes me smile. This lady author of last year is amazing.

AGGIE THE BRAVE has just been released, which is fun, and an illustrator is being chosen for THE WITCHES' BALL, a fun rhyming concept book that works with counting to twelve.

SUPER SAM is to appear in Scholastic Book Clubs which is way exciting, and PUNK WIG is starting to grow in attention. This is such an important book, and I'm working hard to bring it more visibility for families facing cancer. AGGIE GETS LOST is to be released in 2011, and I think Aggie is growing in visibility as well now that she has three books.

Also since January, I learned I'm to be a first time grandmother of a sweet baby girl, due Nov, and the mother in law of a sweet girl in February! There are joys all around on the family front and it's been a busy year thus far. Life is good. Read More 
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2010 A Brand New Year!

I love new beginnings, fresh starts, new goals, new challenges, new growth.

2010 has gotten off to a great start. The year ahead feels good! Read More 
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Christmas in Deutchland

One of the most amazing opportunities I have ever had, is in being the mother of a missionary son. My eldest child, for the past two years has been with the good people of Germany. It's been a wonderful thing to share in his growth and experiences. Sunday nights, my writing time was spent writing to him, and it was sweet.

We recently returned with him back to Germany to share in the adventure! We met the people he came to love, and experienced their rich culture. Germany has an amazing history that stems far back beyond imaginings. The people are wonderful. The food is amazing. There is nothing like Germany at Christmastime.

I love the sweetness of Christmas. That special magical feeling spans villages and cities everywhere all around the world. In Germany, homes and churches display an advent creation, a set of four candles either in a wreath, on a wooden holder, or maybe mixed in with a floral design... They count back four Sundays before Christmas and each week they light another candle. So the first Sunday, one candle is lit, the second two candles, the third Sunday three candles glow, and by Christmas all candles are burning bright.

On Dec 6th, St. Nicholas fills the good children's shoes with candy, and he could be seen at the Christmas Markets, donning his rich crimson robe, reminding children to be good.

Christmas Eve is a very busy day in Germany, for it is when families bring a tree home, decorate it, exchange their gifts, Santa comes Christmas eve. And families have their Christmas dinner that night as well. On the actual 25th and 26th of December, families visit their extended family enjoying one another.

I loved getting to share in the Christmas Joys of another land, and have brought some of this home with me. it's so fun to learn about and embrace tradition, wherever it might come from.

I wish all my friends here a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy traditions old and new, and the love and joy of family and friends. Happy Holidays!

Love and Peace to you all.
~Lori Read More 
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Autumn Awe

As one chapter ends, a new one begins. This autumn starts with renewal of health, a return of a missionary son, and the marriage of a daughter.  Read More 
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Writing From the Heart

Another "Writing From the Heart" writing retreat has come and gone and another bouquet of Red Rover Writing friends are on their way to creating great works with their time and talents.
Who are the Red Rover Writers?  Read More 
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When your child doesn't like to read

"She isn't even reading yet, so how can she be ready for Kindergarten?" "He hates the book the class is reading. I think he hates reading period!"

With frustrated voice, friends through the ages have asked me about their kid's readiness for literacy and or future success outlooks. I don't own a crystal ball. But most worry, I do know, is without cause. Kids grow at their own pace, and reading readiness while it can be influenced, should never be forced.
 Read More 
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New Beginnings

Welcome, New Year!

Swiftly, deft, pass the days-
Where past mistakes and weak knees lie.
Old bitter thoughts, self degradation,
Have no place in this new life.
The old is gone, past, extinct
Erased by lands uncharted, unseen.
Let die the thieves of the soul
Fear, self doubt; pass and sleep.
Ring blessed bells, for new-fangled dreams
For discoveries yet to be made.
Ring for the laughter, the joy, the peace
The greatness on every man's face
Ring for the divine, the child of God-
Wherein new beginning lie.
Swiftly, deft, pass the days
Welcome, New Year, here am I.

-Lori Ries

Happy New Year, to all my friends! A new year means new beginnings. I'm busily pondering, organizing, setting goals like most people getting ready for whatever the New Year Brings.

Remember as you set goals, my writer friends, that the only way to fail...is to quit. May the New Year bring all things bright and beautiful! Read More 
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